WebGL Samples


In this sample, the color level is controlled for each cell by a simple equation that involves only adjacent cells.

Rubik's cube

This sample solves the Rubik's cube. It's magic!

N-body simulation

This sample shows how to make n-body simulations in GPU. It includes gravitation and simple collision handling. Obviously it is much slower and more cumbersome than it would be using OpenCL. Requires VTF.

Refraction sample

Refraction sample implements just the refraction of light when it moves from the bottom of the water container to the eye.

Flag demo

A flag waving in the wind. There is also a simple 3D fire effect. The sample can be seen here. This one uses VTF too.

Xmas star

This sample has a bit more heavy shader than the other samples on this page. It might take a minute or so for the shader to compile, so do not kill the page too soon.

Video effects

Some simple webcam effects.

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Env mapped webcam

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Icicle demo

Another sample using webcam and env mapping.

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Stars demo

Yet another sample using webcam. Now with a simple particle system.

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